Jerkup Catering and Takeout is an alternate choice for a healthier Caribbean cuisine.

Our Jerkup Seasoning & Dry Rub is home made and used to cook the various meal options. This lends to a very healthy choice to jerk-up your meals guilt free. Our Jerk seasoning is very low in salt, and still tastes great giving you an opportunity to savor the fused blend of ingredients.

Take you taste buds on an exciting culinary trip to Jamaica, every time you eat at Jerkup Central or our seasoning to cook your own meals.

You don't have to be an experienced Chef in order to create mouth-watering Caribbean Cuisine. All you need is Jerk-Up's traditional seasoning and a little bit of creativity to add a perfectly balanced and vibrant island flavour to all your dishes.


  1. Can be used as a marinade, or a straight condiment after cooking
  2. Great on eggs after cooking
  3. Use to marinade beef, chicken, fish, or pork
  4. Best when marinade sits for 2+ hours

Jerkup Seasoning Tips